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Dear Amando “Jun” Jr,
it’s your son JD I just wanna say that I miss you
everyday Livin’ life aint the same without you
I cherish every moment I had with you

I still remember the day that you told me
To grow strong and never cry
Those were the last words you told me
Right before you died Man
when I heard you where dead
That messed me up in my head

I felt so incomplete
It was one of those times when I felt defeat
Even tho we only spent together for a short time
But feels like I’ve known you for the longest time

In your memory,
Stayed out of trouble and kept it cool
Didn’t not messed around and stayed at school
Papa didn’t raise no fool
Cause They might take you away
But in my heart is where you stay
Even in my last day.

See plenty of things have change when you left
I was framed for committing a theft
That’s something that I never did
Cause you raised me as a good kid
Oh yea, I play basket ball now,
so I can be a baller
I wanna follow the footsteps of my father
You should been there on my first game
Couldn’t be prouder when they called out my last name

We moved away from our homeland
So no more buying second hand rubber band
Livin’ life a little eased
It’s the blessing we got
since you were deceased
Mama says she misses you
And she just wants to kiss you

Your daughters are the illest
If you were alive id bet you’d say they’re the prettiest
“Kuya” jet looks just like you Mama said he smiles the same way that way you do

it’s been 8 years now since you passed away
I know you wanna come back,
But I’d the best is for you to stay
Every Christmas I pray for you And every day we pray for you
I know you livin’ your life after death
But I wish I could’ve catch your one last breath
Every single time I spent with you is un-regrettable
Cause your love is incredible!

I Miss you,
Oh yea almost forgot tell gramps
I said I miss him too
I Love You Papa


Free Verse

Where I’m from

I am from basketballs and text books
to TV shows and movies in theatre
from Wallmart to Nike shoes
to Superman action figures and Snapbacks hats
a loving family is where i am from

i am living grass with strong blown wind from the East
and a snake searching for food
to bones and hamster in the ground
but strong like a rock

to stolen bikes to chains in fences
from graffiti to the basket ball courts
and to the elementary school i went too, Grenoble
love from my street is where i found brothers

I am from lazy as my Father but caring as my mother
Romantic like my brother and a chef like my sister
and a gamer like my sister and as gentle as my grand parents

 i am from to disappointments to beatings
from good to bad
i was the black sheep of the family
but a caring brother too my siblings
but a big failure to society

From hot and spicy soup of my native tongue
to the sweet taste of pizza to amazing decoration of sushi
and that love from Canada with taste of poutine and maple syrup
and the fresh coffee of Tim Hortons